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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?

Yes – we carry many lines including: general liability, auto liability, cargo and workers comp. We also carry an umbrella policy with a $5M limit.

How does the quoting process work?

Although we can quote without seeing your home or job site, we prefer to come to your home or job site and take a survey. This allows us to ascertain a volume metric which will drive the accuracy of the time and materials quoted. From there, we’ll put together either a flat rate or hourly rate proposal for your review. Once signed, we’ll firm up dates and times.

How long will my move take?

This depends on many factors such as how much stuff you have, ease of access to the house, dis and reassembly requirement of furniture, stairs, etc. An onsite survey will allow us to put together a relatively accurate estimate of time.

What happens in the case of damage?

In the case that we cause damage to any of your goods, you will submit a claim form and be compensated based on the level of liability you chose for your move. Patriot Relo, as a state of TX licensed and regulated household goods mover, is required to provide a level of liability equal to $.60/lb/article at no cost for all moves. This means we if we break a 100lb sofa, we are liable for $60. Alternative, higher levels of liability called Replacement Value Protection, can be purchased.

What is replacement value protection liability?

RVPL is a higher level of liability assumed by the mover meant to fully replace any article potentially damaged by the mover. This additional level of liability must be paid for by the customer. The cost of RVP is based on the declared value of the shipment. A minimum of $5/lb declaration is required. Please ask your move consultant for more details if you have questions.

Will you move me into a storage facility?

Absolutely. Whether its our facility, a mobile storage unit or a self-storage, we do this kind of work every day.

Will you dis/reconnect Washers, Dryers or other water lines

We urge our customers to dis and reconnect their own water lines. We cannot due to flooding other liability concerns. Should this pose a problem, we will happily coordinate a properly qualified and insured 3rd party to handle this.

What kinds of trucks do you use?

We only use 24’-26’ box trucks. We require these to be air-ride and many times they are outfitted with hydraulic lift gates which can come in handy for heavier items.

Will you work in my attic?

Due to safety and liability concerns, our crews are not authorized to perform any work in attics.

Will you move Gun Safes?

In short, yes. These can range in size and difficult. Factors such as if they’re bolted to the floor, how heavy they are, if stairs are involved all play into whether the safe is something we can include at no additional charge or if special attention and pricing needs applied.

Will you move my Piano?

Yes. We own all the necessary equipment and knowledge to move pianos in a normal situation. Like gun safes, if situation is out of the norm, it will need to be surveyed to determine if we can handle as ususal or if we need to involve a dedicated pro. Full staircases and limited access are examples of atypical moving condition.

Will you move disassemble and move my Pool Table?

Yes. In most cases we will call in a professional to dis and reassemble and crate the slate pieces. This can all be done seamlessly and without any extra effort on your part.

What about my jewelry box?

We ask that you empty any jewelry or other valuable contents from these boxes and hand carry to your destination.

Is there anything you wont move?

Yes. Movers should not transport liquids, flammables, ammunition, guns, biohazards and medication. Typically this is meant to ensure the safety of the shipment as a whole as well as the safety of the crew.


Its best to empty the water lines of water and unplug the fridge at least 48 hours before the move so that frost/ice can thaw in a controlled environment as opposed to on the truck or in a storage unit potentially causing damage to surrounding items.

Should I tip?

Our crews carry no expectation for a tip. However, if your expectations have been exceeded, a little thank you goes a long way and is much appreciated. If you choose to tip, usually 5-10% of the entire move price spread amongst the whole crew. is a typical starting point.

Can I leave my dresser full?

You can leave lightweight items such as clothes, towels or bedclothes in the drawers of a dresser without concern. Please don’t pack anything heavy, such as books, into the drawers as that will cause damage to the furniture during movement.

How much notice do you need for my move?

We appreciate b/w 5-10 business days to survey, quote, close and schedule your move. Of course we can move faster but we do operate on a first come first served basis.

Have commercial moving needs?

Our sister company, Expert Relocation Systems, can help!

Why We’re Different

  • Experience – over 65 years combined with exposure to best companies in the world.
  • We are locally owned, have simple prices and we support our community.
  • Quality – we wrote the book on hiring higher quality crew to make a difference.
  • Reputation and helping people drive us.